How It Works

B.E.S. Ltd can work from architect’s plans, building control approved drawings, written specifications, bills of quantities and even hand drawn sketches!

The way we approach a project will obviously depend on what is involved, but as an example, we would approach a fixed-price tender in the following way:

1. Upon receipt of your project, we will briefly inspect the documentation to identify any specialist items or trades that we feel need fixed prices. We will then submit enquiries work to a vast range of sub-contractors and suppliers through your preferred, or our own contacts. For example:

  • • Plumbing & heating installations
  • • Electrical installations
  • • Bespoke joinery

2. We will then discuss with you a list of rates on which to price your work. These rates are for things such as:

  • • Craftsmen labour rates
  • • Labourer rates
  • • Plant hire rates

We will also discuss your feelings on productivity and the speed of your work, to tailor how we approach our pricing.

3. On pricing work you will receive an accurate take-off with an itemised bill of quantities, showing broken down figures for labour, plant, material and sub-contract costs for each item of the project.

See an example of our take-off here

4. We will then compile any sub-contract quotations and add or omit our own figures as necessary.

5. We will then discuss with you a range of preliminary costs for the project and a profit margin to suit your company, before completing a tender form or customer quotation and submitting a price on your behalf.

By following the steps above, we feel we can offer you the most competitive and cost-effective solution to submitting tenders. By working with you on a one-to-one basis we can discuss the best rates and margins to suit you or your company.

This kind of accurate estimating and careful consideration of all aspects of the tendering process, makes us, and therefore you, the most competitive we can be in a market that is based on wins and losses. We will also offer tender and material breakdowns should you require them.